Director: Nico Beyer


Director: Gus Filgate


Director: Edward Berger


McDonald´s Monopoly promotion 2016
Director: Peter Harton


Director: Brigg White


Director: Felipe Ascacibar

McDonald´s – Basics

McDonald´s Basics 2016
Director: Mickey Suelzer

McDonald´s – Monopoly 2015

McDonald´s Monopoly promotion 2015
Director: Mickey Suelzer

McDonalds – Wilde Küche 3

3rd "Wild Kitchen" Promotion

Director: Felipe Ascacibar

McDonald´s – Burger Battle

Director: Kai Sehr
Produktion: Bakery Films
Agentur: LTT
Team: Claudio Bartsch, Claudio Keleminic

McDonalds – Wilde Küche 2

2nd "Wild Kitchen" Promotion

Director: Felipe Ascacibar

McDonlads – Burger Report

Corporate Responsibility is a crucial component of the company policy of our client, McDonald’s. Unfortunately, this is not the case for…

McDonalds – Wilde Küche

The first Promotion McDonalds Germany did after their rebrand.

Director: Elisha Smith–Levrock


Paulaner – Bayrische Tradition

Winnerspot of the crowdsourcing based summercampaign for Paulaner wheat beer.

I´m on a boat

If you´re on a boat, make sure you´re in good company!

Alex Thunder

A very warm welcome to my dear friend Mr. Alex thunder.

IKEA – Eigentlich …

Agency: thjnk
Director: Kim Jacobsen

Paulaner – Your Story

Director: Otto-Alexander Jahrreiss

No Fear

No fear, we junst wanna play…

Dare Devil

Using both mouths to smoke and enjoy ice-cream at the same time. What a hell of a guy.


Met this guy in the bar. One of the best freestylers I´ve ever seen!

Paulaner – Duell

Agency: thjnk
Director: Gregor Schnitzler

Happy hour

3rd and last Pic of the neckless series.

Audi – A3 etron

Photographer: Olaf Hausschulz

edding- type-for-type

Agency: kempertrautmann/ shift


Cheeseburger ist 98% cgi, even the hair doesn´t exist. Only the most important 2% are realworld stuff (I had to photograph…

Monsieur Hand

Monsieur Hand is kind of handycapped, when it comes to shoot some liquor. Unfortunately it´s to hard to resist. Pt. 2…


A warm welcome for our fuzzy friend Hairy. Not the hardest one to model, but a fun experience to get in…

Paulaner – Championsleague

Agency: kempertrautmann
Director: Hans-Jürgen Lewandowski

Mutant Maid

Tentacels rock so hard!! Ever since »day of the tentacles«. For a long time tentacles seemed to be the only right…

Paulaner - Ruhe

Agency: kempertrautmann
Director: Hans-Jürgen Lewandowski

Weird folks

The weird folks are a compilation of guys I draw by the way. Sometimes they were colored with highlighters.

3 men on a boat

3 men on a boat with 4 cigarettes and no matches, how do they manage to smoke?

Illustration for t-shirt…

Paulaner – Enge Freunde

Agency: kempertrautmann
Director: Hans-Jürgen Lewandowski

Munchy Monster

The Marshmellowman is propably one of the coolest fellows who ever went through Manhatten, but you shouldn´t close the competition without…

Paulaner – Gute Frage

Agency: kempertrautmann
Director: Hans-Jürgen Lewandowski

Audi - Urban Carver

Agency: kempertrautmann
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Photographer: Uwe Düttmann

cousin it

Surely one of the most underestimated characters from the beloved Adam´s family.

The Band

The band

Comedy Central - Intersection

Agency: kempertrautmann
Illustrator: Felix Reidenbach

Recycling fun

No sence, just fun. Hope they made some people smile.

Monsieur Con

"Excuse my french" sont été les premiers mots de notre nouveau proffesseur français Monsieur con.

Gaggenau - Anzeigen 2007-2009

Agency: kempertrautmann
Photographer: Stephan Abry

Niveau Limbo

How low can you go? Niveau limbo is a wordplay based illustration series.

3d Paper Cutz

Fake Papercuts

FA - Poolshooting

Photographer: Brendan Stumpf

Paulaner - Hellas

Agency: kempertrautmann
Director: Hans-Jürgen Lewandowski

Audi – R8 Spyder

Photographer: Mats Cordt

Audi – A3

Photographer: Alex Rank

Medcedes - E-Klasse

Photographer: Uwe Duettmann

Observation – Design Diploma

Ein paar Beispielseiten aus meiner Diplomarbeit.
Visuelle Kommunikation an der FH Aachen bei Prof. Mohr.
Schwerpunkt, Konzept & Entwurf, Editorial Design.

Pattex – Play & Repair

Agency: DDB Germany
Illustrator: Klaus Heisig, Dino So, Alexander Müsgens