Gaggenau - Anzeigen 2007-2009

One of the most successful innovations to come out of the Black Forest. And a cuckoo clock.

Only about 90% of the top chefs cook at home with Gaggenau. That wasn’t enough for us.

No house will ever meet all expectations. But there is a room that will.

From the outside, it looks like a stainless steel fridge. From the inside, too.

There are 1,000 reasons to choose this range. And 1,180 ways to combine it.

Lots of our customers have ascended to the highest levels of cooking. It’s probably because we use aeronautic technology.

Nobody knows just what secrets top chefs have – but since 1999, they’ve had one fewer.

Strikingly different: the 200 series ovens in anthracite. Just how striking, that‘s your decision.

Gaggenau - Anzeigen 2007-2009

Agency: kempertrautmann
Photographer: Stephan Abry